The Top 10 Body Language Signs of AttractionWomen don’t like to come right out and tell you that their into you, it just doesn’t work that way. Women like to be the ones to be pursued so they aren’t going to tell you how they feel with their words.. But they will tell you with their body! That is how almost every woman out there will let a man know that she is into him, with her body language. If you are trying to decide whether or not a woman is into you, here are some of the top 10 body language signs of attraction that you need to look for!

1. She’ll Say it With Her Eyes

This is one of the first body language signs of attraction you’ll see a woman use when she’s trying to tell you she’s interested. Her eyes will say it all. If you’re standing across the room from one another and you notice that her eyes keep looking over at you, that most likely means “Hey, come over and talk to me!” She may try to make it look as if she’s not trying to stare, she’ll probably play that little game where when she’s looking at you, you aren’t looking at her but as soon as you look at her, she’ll look away. If you notice a smile along with the look as well, that’s a very good sign.

2. She Listens to You, Not Only With Her Ears, But With Her Body

When you speak to her, pay attention to what she does with her entire body while you’re talking. Many women will lean into you when you are speaking to them if they are interested in you. There won’t be very much space between the two of you when in conversation because she will have gradually come closer to you so she can lean in towards you more.

3. She Twirls Her Hair

When a woman twirls her hair while you speak to her or while she’s looking at you, take that as a main body language sign of attraction. Some men think that when a woman is playing with her hair it means that she is bored, however it’s just the opposite. It means she’s trying to get you to notice her more. If she’s tossing it over her shoulders or twirling it in her fingers it means she wants you to pay attention to that area of her body.

4. At Least One Part of Her Body is Pointed In Your Direction

Whether it’s her knees, her foot or her arms, one of her body parts will be facing towards you at all times. It’s a way of letting everyone else know that you are the person she is talking with and she doesn’t want to be interrupted or bothered by anyone at the time. You should take this as a compliment and be quite proud of the fact that she is only looking for your attention at the moment.

5. She’ll Play With Her Jewellery

She may twirl her earrings or run the pendent on her necklace around it’s chain, either way when she’s playing with a piece of jewellery its a body language sign of attraction, just as the hair is. She wants you to notice her which is what you should do. When she plays with her jewellery, try to compliment it and tell her how pretty it is and how great it goes with her outfit.

6. She’ll Mimic Your Body Movements

Without even realizing it, if you put your arm up on the table or you cross your legs, you may notice her doing the same thing. It’s because she’s watching you so intently that she just copies your moves. It’s a good signal because it means that she’s so drawn into you, she makes all the moves you make.

7. She Doesn’t Take Her Eyes Off of You, Even for a Second

Even if she’s taking a drink, she’ll try to keep her eyes on you at all times. Especially when she is speaking to you. Don’t be creeped out by this, it’s a main body language sign of attraction!She doesn’t want you going anywhere so she’s going to make sure you can’t by keeping her eyes on you. It also can mean that she’s very intrigued by the way you look!

8. She’ll “Accidentally” Touch You

You both go to reach for your glasses or something on the table and she accidentally touches your hand, that’s a very good sign. It most likely wasn’t an accident and it will probably happen more than once. She’s looking for anyway she can to get her hands on you without trying to move too quickly or seem to eager.

9. She’ll Touch You When She Laughs

If you make her laugh and while she laughs, she touches your arm or your knee it means that she thinks you’re really funny and she wants to see if she feels something when she touches you. This is a great way to tell if she is into you, so watch for it. Don’t try to hard to be funny just to get her to do this, nobody likes a cheesy joke guy.

10. The Smile On Her Face

If she hardly stops smiling when the two of you speak to one another, this is a body language sign of attraction that can’t be ignored. It’s her way of letting you know what you are making her feel noticed and attractive. It’s a very flirtatious thing to do and it will tell you all you need to know about how she is feeling about you. She’ll smile before she takes a drink and she’ll put the smile right back on her face after she sets down her glass. Notice her laughter too. She’ll laugh at a lot of things that you say even if what you’re saying isn’t that funny, she’ll still laugh and that’s always a really good sign as well.

With the look in her eyes or the brightness of her smile a woman will tell you how she feels about you in that moment, all you need to do is pay attention and watch for those body language signs of attraction that will tell you everything you’d like to know about her interest level in you.

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